If "next level" stone products and details finished to the end are a match for your goals and desires, then we could be useful! 

All our products are tailor made so everything is up to the measures and requests from the customers. 

During a production we also save raw material because all surfaces we produce – massive curved panels (big size); massive curved worktops; miter jointed surfaces and stone surfaces winding like a river horizontally or vertically are produced of 2cm material normally so we are saving natural material from the beginning not trying to reuse residues after wasting during production.

Architects and designers like to push the boundaries of traditional design and bring their designs to life. We love to be their partners and to follow their ideas and to bring their most ambitious visions into reality. Technological advances, creativity and excellence are common and everyday words for us.

Let inspiration fuel your life because so you`ll create things that really mean something to you and your customers!